Game / Web Development

‚ÄĒA standard Hi-Resolution Human. Living in Minneapolis, MN. Likes ūüź∂, ūüćē, and making cool stuff with other people who make cool stuff.

Sugar Crane

Created for Minneapolis Donut Jam 2017, Sugar Crane is a Crane-Game Simulator, try to get little Timmy the donut he wants, before time runs out!

Moped Mayhem

Created for Ludum Dare 38, Moped Mayhem is a Paperboy inspired infinite runner.

Space Canoe VR

Created for Global Game Jam 2017.  Space Canoe uses the Vive, and a Wii Balance Board to row around the rings of saturn, collecting crystals to power your space canoe, so you can travel the galaxy.


Catatonic is a 2-Player Catapult Basketball game created in less than 48 hours for Ludum Dare 36.  Features fully destructible environments, and rad-as-heck slam dunks!


Couch Multiplayer Arena Fighter Robot Deathmatch.  Originally created for #1GAM for the month of March, 2016.

Power Slaves

Created for A Game By It’s Cover 2016, Power Slaves is a top-down, adventure game. ¬†Taking place in the final days of humanity, aliens make contact, and you must collect remnants of mankind. ¬†Written by¬†Stevie Aristiz√°bal, sounds and music by Drew Hance.


Procegen is a project about creating an atmospheric experience in a temporary space.

Subject Midas

Subject midas is a WIP project I’ve been working on since Spring 2015. ¬†Based strongly on greek mythology and top down puzzle adventure mechanics.

Coming Soon!

Wallpaper Jam

A quick project done for #wallpaperjam.  Made it 48 hours

Tiki Terror

Created for Global Game Jam 2016.  I was in charge of the programming for the project.  Created in 48 hours.


Ncell is a client I’ve been working with for over a year now, this is the second iteration of their website.

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Pirates 64

Created for Midwest Jam 2016, in 24 hours.  Pirates 64 is a 2v2 co-op competitive boat racing simulator.  You control your pirate and man stations on the ship instead of controlling the ship itself.  Man the cannons to blow the other team out of the water!

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Based off the idea of exploration and alternative movement controls.  Suspension is a meditative, explorative experience.  Walk around randomly generated planets with their own gravitational pull.

Verb The Noun

Verb the Noun is kind of a joke web app. ¬†Click the words to swap out for a different one, and use the color and font buttons to create an incredibly original, unique metal band logo. ¬†You can also save it as a transparent PNG, so it’s totally “legit”.



Moonbasa was a project I did with VON91, created from start to finish in a very short time span, this website featured a modular, and responsive layout.

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Selfie Peepshow

Selfie Peepshow utilized the flickr api to present user submitted images in a new, voyeuristic light.

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Spirit Animal

Spirit Animal is a web app about discovery, sound, and play.  Move your mouse across the page to uncover the animal.

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Refuge was my first gamejam project, created in tandem with Chloe Wolfe, and Jon Robson.

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Unis New York

Unis New York is a project I worked on at VON91, it’s an eCommerce site with a large array of products, and showcases a minimal layout.

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Corridor is another VON91 project I worked on, which showcases a very minimal layout, which puts the products first.

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Harmonic Resolution Systems

HRS is a project I worked on while at VON91, it features some interactive elements to best showcase products, and more modular layouts.

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